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Iowa Cubs Spreading Beautiful Ball Fields Around Iowa

By Roger Riley, WHOTV

NEWTON, Iowa - Many in Iowa have noticed the beautiful baseball playing field at Principal Park, home of the Iowa Cubs.

The grounds crew there has expanded to take their show on the road, around Iowa. The grounds crew kept getting requests from local schools and cities to do things like, build a pitcher’s mound, or help work on the turf for a local school.

Those requests have grown, and morphed a bit to the point where the Iowa Cubs started a sister company called Iowa Cubs Sports Turf.

Not only are we the grounds crew at principal Park we have a whole another set of crew that's a construction company,” said Casey Scheidel, President of Iowa Cubs Sports Turf. “Here today were trying to finish up our project with Newton schools and a new softball field.”

The company has done many sports fields in the Des Moines metro area. The company also works with the City of Des Moines to maintain the Cownie Soccer Complex.

Tomorrow we're going to Creston High School,” said Scheidel. “I have a crew of guys in Cedar Falls trying to finish that up, Cedar Falls, Waverly, and Audubon, are next week's projects.

The company can do fields for soccer, football, baseball and softball. Projects can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, or a smaller softball field like in Newton runs $90,000 for the field turf part of the project.

We have to be just as good on a daily basis here, as Principal Park,” said Scheidel. “That real high level quality, brought from Des Moines, to Newton.”

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